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The curriculum includes the following units of study:


2-Year-Old "Twos-Together" Classes
This is a wonderful 1.5-hour program that prepares your child for nursery school. A parent or caregiver participates in each class session, which includes a fun variety of crafts, stories, songs, snacks and other activities. Children must be two years old by December 1, 2020, to be eligible for the September 2022 session. The class meets once per week.

2-Year-Old Separation Classes
Our Separation program starts off as a 2-hour drop-off class and progress to 2.5 hours in January.  This class is for older two-year-olds and lays the groundwork for a lifetime of learning. Children must be 30 months old by October 1st to join the class, which meets twice per week.

2-Year-Old Transition Classes
This is a unique program that gives families the best of both worlds. The class begins as a “Two-gether” program in the fall, meeting for 1.5 hours. In January, it transitions into a two-hour drop-off class. Children must be 30 months old by the date separation will begin (usually in late January) to enroll in this class. The class meets twice per week.

3-Year-Old Classes

Our Three-Year-Old Program meets two or three days a week for three hours each day, with no more than 10 children in each class. The program focuses on: Colors, Safety, Shapes, Plants, Animals, Seasons, Mathematics in my world, Wind and Air, Language in My World.


4-Year-Old Classes

Our Four-Year-Old program meets four days a week, Monday through Thursday.  Sessions are from 9am to 1pm and children eat lunch in class. An optional 5th day is run as an enrichment class and other extended day options are also available.  The 4s program focuses on: Transportation, Dinosaurs, The Five Senses, Family Celebrations, Mathematics and Language in Our World.


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