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Dear Families, 


Welcome! It is truly my honor to address you as the director of St. Mark's Cooperative Nursery School. As a parent of two St. Mark's graduates, as well as a professional in the field of education, I so deeply believe in the uniqueness of the experience that our school offers.


The philosophy of St. Mark's Cooperative Nursery School is rooted in sound research that encourages developmentally appropriate play-based learning. Coupled with an environment that supports fun, safe and nurturing social interaction with peers and adults alike, our school provides the perfect foundation for your child's relationship with the formal school setting. Research and years of experience have shown us that when children feel cared for and are encouraged to explore and take risks in a supportive setting, that they actually learn more, perform better in school, and get along better with their peers in years to come. At St. Mark's, we are committed to providing this environment to all of our students.


Being a "cooperative" is what sets our school apart from all the rest. Our school is run by a board that is made up of education professionals as well as members of the families whose children attend our school. This unique structure represents the joint effort of parents and educators to provide young children with the best possible experience for growth and development. Our head teachers hold master's degrees in childhood education and are dedicated to this partnership with our parents. All teachers and staff at St. Mark's are highly trained and complete continuing education throughout the year to stay on top of the latest and greatest information in early childhood education.  


While academics is, of course, a major cornerstone of our program, our primary goal is to ensure our children develop a positive relationship with school. We want them to develop a sense of self-worth, self-confidence, independence, and love for learning that will carry into their future school experience. We recognize each child's uniqueness and believe that the emotional well-being of children is paramount during the preschool years, especially when many children are just learning to be away from their caregivers for the first time. It is this belief that forms the foundation of our St Mark's community, and also what makes our "special days" such a unique and priceless experience for parents and children alike. 


Over the years, I have had so many parents come back and tell me that having their child attend St. Marks was the best choice they ever made, and we hope you will feel the same way! I invite you and your family to experience our wonderful community, so please call or come in today!


Michelle Creegan

Educational Director


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