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Written Testimonials:


"It was very important to me to be very involved in my children's early childhood education. I loved the idea of a cooperative experience but wasn't sure how I would juggle it while working full time. I am so grateful for the time I spent in my children's classroom, seeing them interact with their first true friends, learning from their teachers and exploring their independence. Family members participated in their special days (which they loved!) along with myself making the special days manageable and memorable. My girls still talk about their special days.  As my girls have aged, I miss being in their classroom and getting to know their teachers so well.  I served in the board for a few years and actually served with many working moms. St. Marks allows you the flexibility of volunteering a lot of your time or just a bit of your time.  Our time at St Mark's resulted in wonderful memories and lasting friendships for our family."

-Jennifer Fennell Kurko


"St. Mark's will always have a special place in our hearts. As a working mother I worried at first that the cooperative aspect would be too much to handle, it turned out to be the greatest part. The "special days" with my girls in their classes were so much fun and I am so grateful for those memories. My participation in the school never felt like extra work. I met so many amazing moms that juggled careers and participation because they cared so much about supporting their children's school, their enthusiasm was contagious.
And the teachers, the wonderful teachers were beyond caring and my children and I love them. I never expected to form the bonds both my children and I did during our time at St. Mark's. We will always love our St. Mark's family."

- Tricia Ingigneri



"As educators, my husband and I did not come to the decision as to where to send our daughter to preschool lightly. We knew what we didn’t want. We didn’t want to just drop our daughter off, receive  teacher made crafts, or have our daughter learn through robotic and rote teaching methods. We truly wanted for her to play, create, and learn in her environment with loving guidance.  
As we learned more about St. Mark’s Cooperative School, we knew that there was no other option for our child. I cannot speak highly enough about the benefits of the play-based, process-oriented approach afforded by the amazing teachers and support staff at St. Mark’s. Moreover, the cooperative nature of the school has allowed me to play an active roll in my child’s education. The gains she has already made academically, socially, and emotionally will serve her so well in school and in life, and I’ll always cherish the fact that I was able to see her grow firsthand in the classroom (and on the playground). St. Marks Cooperative school  has given our family a sense of community and memories that will last a life time."

- Kelly Nevins McCabe



"The only preschool we would consider for our son who has several food allergies. The school is peanut/nut free. There is an allergy-friendly snack list that is updated throughout the year. The families are aware of the class allergies and appropriate snacks are provided. We have met wonderful families who are also very supportive of these issues and are now our good friends. The faculty has a vast knowledge of child development, which fosters a child's academic, social, and emotional growth. I can't give enough praise to St. Mark's." -Judith Merritts


"We could not be more thrilled with our choice to enroll our daughter in the St. Mark's program.  She has flourished academically, emotionally and socially, with the support and love of her teachers, Mrs. Perri the director and all of the families who make up this incredible school. St. Mark's has given our daughter a love of school and for that we could not be more thankful."

-Deirdre O'Neill


"I feel very fortunate that my children have the opportunity to learn and grow in such a warm, nurturing environment. The teachers are wonderful and the opportunity to be involved in my children's early educational experience has been really special. They use a research-based developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes lots of play and encourages the self-sufficiency the kids will need as they grow. My oldest is thriving and was well prepared to start kindergarten, and my youngest is just beginning his journey there."

-Jackie Cooke Cahalan


"We started our son at a different preschool in town and while I loved his teacher and met some wonderful moms, I had some concerns with the school. I found out mid-year that the school was not licensed, which really troubled me, and explained why some of these issues were allowed to exist. An acquaintance mentioned that her children went to St. Mark's and suggested I check it out. I'm SO glad I did! From the moment I toured the facility and met the director, Shirley Perri, I knew we would be making the switch. Mrs. Perri was so knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for the kids in general and the school in particular was positively infectious. The school is licensed, which means it must meet stringent safety requirements and is subject to oversight by the state. And it shows, in the best of ways. The fabulous playground and bright, sunlit classrooms don't hurt, either. My son finished the 3s program this year and I couldn't be happier with our experience. As a working mom, I was initially nervous about the time commitment, but I found it to be completely manageable, and the infrequent classroom participation days became something I really looked forward to. I knew I would love spending these precious days in the classroom with my own child, but I didn't realize how much I would love having the quality interaction with the other kids! The co-op aspect means the parents get to be a little more involved, and provides an opportunity to get to know the other parents on a deeper level than a quick "hi" and "bye" at drop off. I'm new to RVC and Long Island and I truly cherish the friendships I've made here. I feel like I've finally found my tribe, and am thrilled to be a part of such a caring, supportive village of families. The community at St. Mark's is unparalleled, and the moms (and dads!) I've met have become dear friends, that I hope (and believe) will last a lifetime. And my child is thriving, and LOVES going to school. Couldn't ask for more."

-Jen Sheehan

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