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Kelly McCabe

Head Teacher, 2's Young Explorers

Kelly Nevins McCabe earned a Bachelor of Science in Childhood General & Special Educations and a Master of Science in Childhood Special Education from Molloy College.  She has worked with children for most of her life ,first at Camp ANCHOR, and then as a special education teacher at the Genesis Outreach Autism  Center. 


In 2016, she started working as an Early Intervention special education teacher in order to help young children overcome obstacles and set them up for future success, as individuals, as well as members of their community. 


Kelly is the proud mother of three children, all whom attend (or attended) St. Mark's.  Currently, she teaches the Young 2-Year-Olds Explorers class, where children (and their grown-ups) are immersed in enriching, developmentally-appropriate educational experiences aimed at bolstering their learning readiness and social-emotional development.

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