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Sharon Batkin

Head Teacher, 3-Year-Old Program

Sharon Batkin started as a parent at St. Mark’s with her two daughters. She found the cooperative experience very rewarding and when asked to become a member of the staff, she was delighted.

As a teacher of preschoolers, Sharon finds this age to be eye-opening for her. Many of the children are coming with little experiences outside their homes and it is the first time the students are with other children their age, with other supervising adults, and without their parents and siblings. The children learn so many things for the first time, whether it is the colors of the rainbow, sharing with their peers, or waiting their turn. The children are proud of the new knowledge they gain and are eager to share it with their parents, peers, and teachers. Sharon loves watching the children navigate this new environment.

Sharon graduated from Boston College with a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education Birth-12th grade. She received her Masters’ Education at St. John’s University in Literacy. Before teaching at St. Mark’s, Sharon was a second grade teacher in an inclusion classroom in Plainedge. She taught there for 5 years, before choosing to stay home with her young children.


Sharon is the mother of 4 children: Theodore, Graham, Maggie and Molly.  Her after-school time is currently spent shuffling her children to and from their various activities. During free-time, Sharon loves to read, whether it is with her book club, that boasts many St. Mark’s alumni moms, late at night, or with her children.

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